MVP development is a sensible and smart approach to creating a successful product. MVP gives you the opportunity to promote your idea, validate your project with investors, get user feedback and test its feasibility in the marketplace.

MVP Development

Тhe Fastest market entry

Within 4 weeks. We engineer
Your software product. From the idea to the market and everything in between.


The analysis is always our starting point within the MVP software development lifecycle. Our marketing specialist will provide you with niche and competitive analysis to help you create the leading product in your industry/market.


Our software engineers will work with business analysts to provide you with product vision, product architecture, specifications and roadmap. This will help you grow after you have successfully completed the MVP product development phase.


Within the MVP app development lifecycle, we analyze and understand your future user’s journey to develop a clear and friendly UX. Our team will create a design that your customers will love. That’s why it’s good for your business.


Because we have been providing MVP development services for more than a year and have accumulated several experiences, we know which platform or architecture to choose and combine with the technology stack to develop an MVP for you.

Manvelyan Enterprises

performs both manual and automated software development testing on multiple platforms and operating systems to ensure that our products meet all functional and operational requirements you desire.

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