With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we transform scattered, random data into valuable insights.

We have the expertise that drives powerful AI solutions. From the development of a model solution to its deployment, you can rely on us.

AI Solutions

Why use Manvelyan Enterprises for AI-Solutions?

Artificial intelligence programming makes machines reliable and evolves with feedback. Manvelyan Enterprises is fascinated by the concept of deep learning and is eager to implement its functions in different industries to integrate automation.

Our artificial intelligence developers can assist business processes to logically handle daily activities, and can implement services across existing technologies with zero compatibility errors. There is no large-scale implementation of AI in the market yet. On the other hand, we are honored to be able to adapt to the future technological trends of artificial intelligence development.

How can AI help your company?

How can AI help your company?

The AI technology has different use cases in different industries. Customer service, marketing and sales, management, security – all these can benefit from AI development. With machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, intelligent search engines, or predictive models that support decision-making processes, AI can and will optimize your business on a large scale.

Our artificial intelligence development team will help you identify the areas that can benefit most from artificial intelligence solutions and implement them to ensure that you achieve the desired returns.

Our different AI-Solutions
for your needs


(Natural Langauge Processing)

Natural Language Processing NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) enables companies to make better use of voice data by effectively processing large volumes of voice or text messages. Natural language processing:

Machine Learning

(Natural Langauge Processing)

Machine learning allows computers to set rules for how data changes without explicitly programming these rules:

Predictive Date Engineering

Predictive analytics provides an assessment of future trends. It uses the available histo-rical data:


Analytics refers to the process of identifying, interpreting and communicating meaningful patterns of data. Business analytics refers to applying this process to answer business questions, make predictions, discover new relationships and ultimately make better decisions.

Data Scraping

Data scraping, also known as web scraping, is the process of importing information from a website into a spreadsheet or local file saved on your computer. It’s one of the most efficient ways to get data from the web, and in some cases to channel that data to another website.

Computer Vision/Image Classification

Image Classification is a fundamental task that attempts to comprehend an entire image as a whole. The goal is to classify the image by assigning it to a specific label.

Your first steps with

While it is a fact that AI has different use cases in different industries and produces tangible results, it is also difficult to decide immediately how to use it. With deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing, intelligent search engines, or predictive models that support decision-making processes, AI can change your business, but before you implement AI in your organization, you need to be well prepared.

At Manvelyan Enterpriese, we support our customers not only with code, but also with our business expertise. You get algorithms that will work for you. They not only work technically – they also bring benefits.

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